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  1. ищу партнера по монетизаци логов. халявщики лесом. помощь по крипте не предлагать. Интересует именно партнерство по монетизации. Очень много интересного ба, амазон, ебей, пп, цц, эпс. логов больше 10к без нулевок, и пополняются. есть FTP сайтов, тоже интересных, есть доступы к шопам. Все вопросы ПМ или в джаббер.
  2. RATman

    Ploutus ATM ( need )

    I can sell it for you dear , let me know yur interest Jabber gladi87@jabber.org
  3. i can help in giving a slot on exploit kit , let me know your budget
  4. 4000 a day, 120,000 A month Yes, Its Possible. Mass Mailing Service redefined. For $ 150, I Shall: - Setup Mass Mailing Servers including- 1. IP Rotation -rDNS 2. 3. SPF- 4. 100% Inbox Guaranteed 5. IP Reputation System 6. SMTP Rotation 7. Provide you 2100 Million WorldWide Email Leads [itself costs $ 200 +, CAN google if you Wish] Payment in BTC only. Contact : PM me here (message on site only) proof Click this bar to view the full image.
  5. Plasma HTTP Bot allows you to remotely manage computers, known as bots, via a web panel. The main goal is PlasmaHTTP crypto currency production, and provides a powerful, effective and best miner. PlasmaHTTP also compatible launch DDoS attacks, removal of anti-virus software, and killing malicious software. Plasma HTTP Bot Crypto exchange Miner Plasma may HTTP mountain cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, protoshares and Bitcoin on your bots. You can use a custom miner (eg, CPUMiner and jhProtominer) with your custom parametrami.Shahter completely hidden, and will be pumped in the event of termination. Features: -Can Mine scrypt crypto currency on the CPU or GPU, and Protoshares. -Support Custom miners (CPUMiner, jhProtoMiner, Ufasoft) Custom setting miner -Prevents Windows hibernation mode -Ubit All other miners using Bot Killer -NOT DROPPER: Implements Miner files (Undetected) -Persistent ( pumped in case of termination) -Miner Files are stored on the hard disk is encrypted with a unique key Screen shot below Цена стоить 100 $ Bitcoins To contact message here
  6. RATman

    [Продам] Загрузки

    I would like to give a vouch for this service
  7. RATman

    Идей для софта

    i have already coded a brutforcer i will be selling it soon
  8. RATman

    единоразово продам пак юса

    What is the current price of this project?
  9. What is your current offer man ?