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    11 апреля
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  1. Again looking for Ransomware. Can offer Tier1 Traffic + 30%
  2. Looking again. Contact by PM with JID
  3. I will buy all your DE Bank Logins. Take a look in your Botnet Logfiles and tell me if you have DE Bank Logins. I need only Login Information nothing else. I pay with BTC . Escrow Only. I dont buy DE Postbank Account. Contact by PM
  4. Looking for good spreading Infections method. Only EU Victims. Minimum 2k per Day. Doesnt matter how. EK / Warez etc. Contact PM
  5. Looking for Skrill > BTC / WU / MG / SEPA Transfer Exchange. Daily XXXX K .
  6. Vоlter

    [Нуждаюсь]Need EK . NO RIG / Hunter

    Need Spot on EK. Only Angler,Sweet Orange , Neutrino or Nuclear. No RIG or Hunter Contact by PM Payment only BTC
  7. Close did find what iam looking for.
  8. Vоlter

    [Куплю] EU Fake ID

    I am looking for some Fake ID Vendor . Interested in EU IDs. No Scan . No Selfie. Need Real Fake document. Contact me by PM . Paying with BTC Only Escrow.
  9. Still Looking. Till now only Timewasters and Ripper.
  10. Looking for Ransomware. Coded with my Functions. No VB.net and no C++ Only Escrow. I can make 50-90k euro Per Month with it and offer 30-50 % Share in BTC. Contact PM
  11. Цитата: Сообщение от RATman i can help in giving a slot on exploit kit , let me know your budget Seems like timewaster . No response nothing Looking again.