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  1. оброго времени суток, форумчане! Скупаю EU CC+VBV, только люди с гарантиями. Кидалы проходят мимо, тщательная проверка.
  2. You cant avoid this 21 days hold. PayPal doing this to check your account and that customers are happy.
  3. Hi all, I am introducing my worldwide travel service. Normal price for flights is 30% with certain routes costing a bit extra or only one-ways possible. Minimum charge for flights is $200 for US Domestic, $250 WW or international ($200/$250 is the least that you pay me) . Business/first class is not a problem! No airline restrictions! Prices based on the expedia.com rate. Worldwide with restrictions on African routes, some are doable some aren't, contact with details. Rules: No low-cost carriers (easyJet, Ryanair, wizzair, Transavia, Jetstar, Southwest, etc.). Avoid giving me flights with more than one layover, if you do, I may not find the exact flight you request and will choose the closest times I can find without asking you, you've been warned. Any requests less than 24 hours in advance will be charged an additional 5% and only accepted from USA/EU/CA. For bookings over 10 days in advance, following restrictions apply: at least $1500 retail required, NO Emirates, NO domestic USA flights or airlines. Will take up to 3 months advance. Flight+hotel packages are 40% / min $500 rate (the least you pay me is $500)! Available for US/CA, Mexico, most of EU, Brazil, most asian countries that have expedia domains for their country, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Stand-alone hotels are not currently allowed, you'll have to book a flight even if you don't intend to take it- just find a cheap flight from a nearby location if necessary. Strictly 4-8 days in advance no exceptions. Contact me with a screenshot of the booking you need. PM here/marketplace or Jabber (preferred) Jabber+otr: FlightHi@inbox.pi