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  1. Algorhythm

    USA bank drop

    I didnt receive anything? Can I add you as well?
  2. Algorhythm

    USA bank drop

    Sure man I can get you as many bank drops as you need. We have spoken on jabber quite a bit back when AB was up and running but I have since had to make a new jabber and been on vacation for last few months. But back and ready to work. My new jabber is below: Algorhythm@jabber.de
  3. Algorhythm

    going to give these guys a trial run. Will report back on how it goes. Just looking at the site, everything seems to be run and setup very professionally. Lots of info if you are new to socks and RDPs. Seems to have a good amount also. Prices are fine. I'm usually looking for a good private service that gets good socks with residential IPs. problem with most services are they offer socks from data centers. This hurts your chances carding anything.
  4. Algorhythm

    [Продам] Venmo Transfers

    I can send venmo transfers up to 3000 per account per day. Looking for cashout accounts. Funds availabel for withdraw next day. PM me if interested.
  5. Algorhythm

    [Нуждаюсь]UK FULLZ

    Looking to buy UK FULLZ. Only certain BINs and banks, feel free to send me a PM for contact info. Can cashout for large amounts if you have what IM looking for, will either buy straight out or we can work out a percentage if you want. PM with Jabber or ICQ ID so we can talk details.
  6. Algorhythm

    [Нуждаюсь]BUYING UK Bank Logs

    Buying any UK bank logins. Please PM
  7. It is access to a part of the credit card processing for a business "merchant account". They are very hard to open unless you are a real business as they require documents and verification calls in almost all cases. If you have access to the virtual terminal you may be able to switch out the bank account associated with the terminal and charge cards to a bank drop. If you, or anyone else, can get access to merchant accounts like this it can be highly lucrative. PM if you have more questions.
  8. Looking for cashout partners with real USA bank drops. I will fund accounts by charging cards through multiple payment processors. Thousands per week, will expect my split sent to me in BTC twice per week. If you have real (not prepaid) USA bank drops and are interested in starting a long lasting and profitable partnership please PM me with contact details (ICQ or Jabber) and we can discuss further.