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  1. предлогаю/требуются, Вбив Booking (отели, авиа). просто способных людей.
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    Взлом telegram

    Тоже интересно, номер ру билайн
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    Ищу Флуд

    Сабж, есть сервис на площадке?
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    carding partner %

    Hello, I am located in the usa, I have embosser, msr605, real world supplier of plastics witth chip ( I do not have proper software to clone chip) Have expierence carding multiple stores and have bulk buyers for electronics and gift cards. % open for negotiation. send money through lbtc cashout and pay within 24hours...sometimes as quickly as 3-5 hours depending on how quickly I can card. I can also easily get money orders, but I have to travel to another state a few hours away so money order cashout will take longer than 24hours. if strong relationship is established would be willing to travel for work. Anyone who can use me based on this description please contact. Thank you and good day.